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Marissa Andrews-Carter 

I have for the past year been trying to start a spiritual journey. I have been reading, doing lots of thinking, and am just beginning to reach out and get some help from others. I came across wylde_black_wulf through Instagram. I had a look and it sat well with me. I then reached out to him. I did the free consultation which, helped to figure out what I needed help with. So far I have had two sessions. It has given me LOTS to think about. The guidance is very much what I needed. I was overwhelming myself and all over the place. Now I am more sure of what I am trying to achieve and have more direction. I still have a way to go on this spiritual journey.

Steve Sherman

10/5 Stars easily. Let me explain, He is the real deal. Upon consulting Wylde Black Wulf with a session, this is one of the, if not first time in my life I felt NO judgement in his presence speaking to him over the phone. You can tell immediately with his voice he holds no judgement to whatever you say is going on with your life, wherever your journey of life has taken you, He has spared no hate, cast no shadowy gaze upon you for whatever you speak to him on or feel needs to be said. A rare trait for anyone. He will connect with you easy to maintain a consistency with his guidance that will assist in whatever it is work you're attempting to do, Shadow, personal, self-aid. He gives you a perspective that will help you see things through a different looking glass that will gain you some confidence and wisdom to aid you on your trip. I felt much more confident speaking with him, and clear in what I was doing with his guidance, even others notice my walk, stance and presence to be more upheld and different over time. I'd honestly recommend him to anyone who needs the aid of a true modern-day Shaman. The old ways may be lost, but not for him. Whatever work you're doing no matter how small or large, this is the guy to see. No questions asked.

Michelle Tomaszycki

I have so many good things to say about my experiences with Wulf! The shamanic journey itself, as well as the pre- and post-meetings, were extremely transformative and healing for me. This process has really helped me to step into my personal power. I contacted Wulf because I had really been going through a tough time in life and was feeling a bit directionless and powerless. He was recommended to me by a friend. From the first meeting, Wulf helped me see my strengths and to see my situation clearly. Together, we outlined a plan for the shamanic journey. I really like how he tailors the experience to your individual needs. For the journey itself, it was great how Wulf prepared me. The journey was so powerful! I received so much information and Wulf helped me to sort through the messages afterward. I immediately felt different. Over the next few days, I received more messages in my life and in my dreams. The follow-up meeting helped me assimilate all of these messages into a concrete plan for the next steps in my life. Wulf listens intently and provides a refreshing perspective. He clearly also has some powerful psychic/intuitive powers. Wulf is clearly a powerful Shaman-- as others have said "the real deal." In sum, I highly recommend this process for anyone who seeks a bit of direction or healing in life and I highly recommend Wulf.

Maria Domene

As a creative artisan driven by Spirit and who walks the Path, Wúlf’s intuition is on point.

His knowledge, his gentle way of speaking and words of encouragement always makes each greeting a pleasure and a lasting impression.

Meg Green

Wulf is a gifted healer, a loving and supportive guide to help you connect with your inner truth.

Ryan Leiman

One of the most knowledgeable workers I've ever met, his experience and wisdom have been a valuable resource for me.

Bryan Savary

Wulf is truly amazing. He’s a new person in my life but it feels as if I’ve known him for quite sometime. He has an incredible ability to listen and sense meaning to anything I share with him. I felt very comfortable and safe in his presence. His knowledge and guidance both in conversation and my Journey have helped me to reach depths of my inner spirit I never knew existed. Wulf has helped me reach a more static-free understanding of my inner self, who I am and a clearer vision for my unique purpose in this life.

Tiffany Reyes

I’d highly recommend WYLDE Black Wúlf to anyone in search of finding themselves, their true, authentic self. I completed my shamanic journey this past week and the experience was nothing short of beautiful. I’ll cherish this moment always and since have had amazing experiences with the divine and my higher self. Thank you for your service brother you are an asset beyond words

Tricia Shambach

I had my journey in September 2020. Black Wulf explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. it was a positive experience in my life and gave me some insights about myself I didn't see before. there definitely has been some long-term positive effects since taking this initial journey.

Karen Sinatra

Wùlf helped me through a tough time in my life. His sessions helped me understand how to look inward more and believe in myself. I highly recommend giving his sessions a try if you are not sure about the direction to go in life. It helped guide me to be a better person that I am today.

Eric Miller

I came to Wulf to see about a shield being crafted, this was to be used when in garb for places like Renaissance Faires, or most recently the newly opened Norse Brewing by where I live. Had given him some specifications, then a few loose ideas to work with, and in the end way over-delivered. Artistry is creativity, and that was readily apparent in this piece. Was sturdy as can be as a shield should of course, was excellently crafted of course, but above and beyond all that came the touches put on. First noticeable is the painting/carving/burning, amazing layered work that suits the style i asked for perfectly, then there were the personal touches, he had asked me about my garb and what I envisioned for the final image once I had everything together for it, and he went with it. From the axe strikes, the musket ball hole, it was all perfect and more than I could have asked for. It doesn't even sit to the side with my pieces, it has a place in our living room for anyone coming in the house to see. This man knows his work, and almost just if not more importantly, learns the person to make sure the piece isn't just a project, it's a piece of individualized art.

Daniel Kupiec

I came to Mr. Wulf sometime ago. For a long time I've dealt with self esteem issues, high functioning anxiety and anger management. I've tried medication and other mainstream forms of therapy. I came to him very lost and distraught. I really felt I wouldn't be able to change or get better. During our first session I felt more relief then I ever have with other forms of therapy. He helped me realize and put a name to my anger and other issues. I think it's human nature to fear the unknown but, when we name things it makes them easier to understand. One thing he would say over and over "Words hold power." and it's true. He is always kind and patient. He's never above what he teaches. I still have these issues but I'm no longer broken by them, I have come out reborn in a way. Mr. Wulf shows you how to heal and it's the power that was always there inside you. I have made great strides in my life since. He's a great person, teacher, guide and most of all a friend.

Shane Montgomery

Wúlf has been a great impact on my life! Through his guidance and wisdom, he has helped me to hone my craft and gain better confidence in what I do. With his mentor ship, I have been able to do what I love with a level of confidence I’ve never had before. If you’re looking for spiritual healing, advice or anything in between, then Wúlf is the Shaman for you! 6/5

Devon Massey

Wulf has been a great mentor and friend in my life for the better part a decade now. Through his wisdom and practice I have improved greatly in my life and I have seen him help many others as well. I continue to work with him, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.

Sharon Campbell

The Journey: occasionally when life has it’s way with us, we are left a little energetically tattered, I was drawn to do this and can’t recommend it Highly enough! The potential for healing is amazing. I didn’t have grandiose visions, but what did occur was all of the tattered fragments of energy was realigned and empowered. I left there internally quiet, grounded, and the flow of my life force went from being a small trickle to a great river. I recommend this experience!

Aiden Max

I have known Wulf for years and I cannot say enough about his craftsmanship! He brought life and energy into an old shield of mine. It is hard to believe it is even the same one. His leather work is phenomenal, he is efficient and great at what he does, and creates for you something unique, personal, and high quality. He really knows his stuff. As a reenactor, it is saying a lot that my shield now looks authentic and accurate compared to before. Plus, all the leatherwork being done by hand adds a whole other depth to it. I can now carry this shield into all my battles to come and make sure everyone knows who did the work on it! I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for high quality shield work!

Tamara Shariah 

I reached out to Wylde Black Wúlf Brahler After I got sober. Searching for help and guidance in a new way of living without drugs and alcohol. He has been working with me over the past 4 years and has guided me into coming into my own and learning to cope with life. He has helped me not only on my journey but he constructed a healing drum and rattle to guide others in guided meditation. I use this drum as a part of my work as a nurse at a drug and alcohol rehab facility. The drum has reached hundreds and has impacted the lives of those healing and trying to stay sober. The drum has helped me in so many ways. When I’m
Struggling and can’t find my way, I beat on my drum. As corny as that sounds it fucking works.

~Lindsay H Piland ~

The Shamanic Touch Therapist~

Working with Wulf was a truly beautiful experience. I connected with him regarding a commission of wolf medicine mother & daughter drums for my 40th birthday and my daughter’s 7th birthday. Wulf is deeply intentional with everything he takes on, especially the drum birthing process. Every element of the drum was taken into consideration which resulted in two drums being birthed simultaneously with elements that are shared and some that are unique to mother or daughter. The outcome was two drums that my daughter and I will cherish together.
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