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Wylde Black Wulf

Following a Shamanic path, Wylde Black Wulf facilitates others in finding their individual path to healing, creative expression, spiritual gifts, and communal connections. Having a deep passion for visionary creation, he likes to spend his time with painting what he has dreamed about, wood burning runes and symbols, and most notably birthing one of kind drums. As a self-taught drum maker, he has a reverence for the ceremonies involved in birthing drums for specific intention. Ceremony has a profound importance to him and the expression of what it means to be human, seen in spectacular fashion when he is fire dancing. 

Wylde Black Wulf has a great care for the healing needed in the world and a return to living in congruence with the natural world.  He is often called to assist in places of great transitions in others' lives, where seeking visions are needed. He also works with others learning their spiritual gifts and facilitating alternative methods for self-exploration. Returning to our original teachings, he has dedicated himself to his spiritual path. An eternal Student, you are just as likely to find him attending a class as you as you are to find him teaching one. He is always working toward his life to be medicine; through expression, laughing, dancing, curious wonder, and learning for himself what it means to be a truly wyrd human. 

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