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Are you feeling lost and disconnected?

Are you Ready to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you?

Is it time to take the next big step in your life but you are not sure how? 

What does a session consist of?

Spiritual Life coaching is for individuals ready to take an active role in their own healing path and shed away old limiting belief structures. Whether you are new to your path or seasoned and assisting others, all are welcome in this space to discover their truths and reconnect with the earth-based practices through our ancestors' connection. 

We don't treat people as broken things; we see you as already whole relearning how to be your authentic self. That may be through exploring inner child work, inner teen work, developing spiritual gifts, trauma releasement, uncovering why you may feel stuck, or working through the heavy emotions surrounding the view of self. Every session evolves around your needs and as such can involve exploration in discovery states, deep transitional work, creating personal ceremonies, creative expression, intentional movements, hands on energy work, and learning healthy boundary setting. 


If you are ready to develop integral self-love and nurturing, transcend your current state of being, and identify your next steps in your spiritual journey then I'd like to welcome you into session space. I highly recommend starting with 3 sessions over the course of 3 months as it is a quarter of the year. That way we can identify what is ready for you to dive into, develop what is needed, and to have an accountability to the homework! 

Where: I am currently nomadic, and I utilize several different spaces based on the needs of the session. Please when you reach out let me know roughly where you are in the world so we can act appropriately.

Time: Sessions will have a specific start time and are 60 minutes long, however, sometimes a little extra time is need and I will extend the session up to 90 minutes. 

Cost: Medicine is for the people and that means no one will be turned away solely based on financial concerns. Sessions are supported by donations, so if you have tight finical constraints give what you can, if you have abundance in your life give a little more to help support others who don't. While we can recommend an amount, we also advise checking in with your heart to give appropriately. This is a place of unconditional love, nurturing, and safety for all peoples.

Does this resonate with you?

What am I learning now?

I feel it is my ethical duty to always continue my education and deepen my spiritual experience as a human on a healing path. I also continue to apprenticeship and seek console for my ever-changing walk on our mother earth. Here are just a few of the things I am stepping into in the next few months!

  • Death Doula Classes

  • Death Doula Mentorship

  • Grief consoling 

  • Facilitation of Fire Walking

  • Ongoing shamanic mentorship with Sky Otter

  • Shamanic Breathwork

  • Holotropic Breathwork

  • Re-Birthing

  • Facilitation of Safe touch practices

  • Advancement of Funeral rites and rituals

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